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Due 04 October 2024
Item no. : 216092
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Release Date : 04 October 2024



A fine blend of hard rock and rock'n'roll, with sprinkles of country/blues and punk attitude, is presented by STAN SILVER AND THE BRAVE PUPPIES on their debut album "All In".
Among the 12 album songs, STAN SILVER, who has been a solo artist based in Nashville for years and has toured the USA and Japan (especially in the country genre; his country album "Higher Ground" was released in 2006), and - alongside shows in Los Angeles, San Diego, or Tokyo - also performed at such illustrious venues as the legendary CBGB's in New York, the famous Blue Bird Cafe in Nashville, or the NATO Airbase in Okinava. He has focused on storytelling and occasionally addresses themes in the lyrics that one wouldn't necessarily expect on a rock'n'roll album. For example, the song "Time To Be Free" deals with the oppression of indigenous peoples, and in "Blow You A Kiss," respect and understanding are demanded for the LGBTQ+ community, while "Candy" tackles the pornographic perversions of the darknet.
Naturally, there is also lighter fare on "All In," such as "Cuddle Up Baby," which revolves around love, the two Southern rockers "Sweet Southern High" and "Cowboy City Saloon," or "Goin' to Town," which evokes a Wild West feeling.
1. Cuddle Up Baby
2. Blow You A Kiss
3. Cool Water
4. Sweet Southern High
5. Time To Be Free
6. Devil On Your Shoulder
7. Cowboy City Saloon
8. Silver Lining
9. Sinister Angel
10. Candy
11. Mind Over Heart
12. Going 2 Town
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