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Release Date : 03 February 2023



*** STONEWALL NOISE ORCHESTRA - Constants In An Ever Changing Universe ***
REISSUE of the legendary album in brand new coloured vinyls

New reissue of the Stonewall Noise Orchestra legendary album Constants In An Ever Changing Universe with brand new coloured vinyls by Heavy Psych Sounds.
"It was quite chaotic putting this album together. It’s recorded in 5 different locations. Rehearsal rooms, a living room, a super professional studio, high and low really. I guess it was quite a challenge for Robert Ekholm to do the mixing. It was also some personal challenges at the time which resulted in John Hermansen doing the vocals. John is an incredible singer and an awesome dude, we’re very thankful he helped us keeping the band rolling. The album was supposed to be released earlier than it was but due to all kinds of stuff out of our control it took some time. In the middle of this chaos was the music, the constant in an ever changing universe. It’s an album we’re proud of and we still play many songs from it live." 
All songs written by Stonewall Noise Orchestra.
Recorded by Robert Ekholm at Chaos Recordings.

Stonewall Noise Orchestra or S.N.O. for short, formed 2004 in the industrial city of Borlänge, Sweden. They play classic heavy rock with influences reaching from the haunting nerve of the delta blues to heavy metal.

1. Skyscraper Moment 5:14
2. Hollow Parade 3:53
3. The Inventor 4:44
4. Venus Travel Agency 4:28
5. Sideshow Messiah 5:29
6. 454 3:46
7. Deadications 5:31
8. Clone Baby 7:00
9. Headlights 3:34
10. Dynamo 5:13
11. Unknown Of Me 7:21

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