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Item no. : SMILCD7103
Artist : SULO
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 20 July 2009



SULO is the singer and main songwriter in Swedish kings of rock ’n’ roll The DIAMOND DOGS and BITTER TWINS, a true high energetic rock entertainer, never satisfied till the audience is smiling, sweating and clapping hands. This time Sulo wanted to record an acoustic album, so he brought some new songs and some old friends (actually he brought some old songs as well) and went down to the studio. “We met up and I played them some of my songs and the next day we had the first four tracks on tape. It was like painting a picture, where the pieces came together regardless of our control. Three sessions later the album had made itself. I love everything about these songs, the process and the band”, says Sulo. The album was produced by HENRIK ”THE DUKE OF HONK” WIDÉN from Diamond Dogs, and among the featured guests are Diamond Dogs members JOHAN JOHANSSON, FREDRIK FAGERLUND & MAGIC. We also get to meet MAGNUS CARLSON from WEEPING WILLOWS, who appears on the warm soul ballad Could’ve been blessed. Apart from some great new songs from Sulo, we also get his interpretation of SAM COOKE classic ballad That’s where it’s at and Fleetwood Mac’s Think about me.

1. Yours Sincerely
2. You`ve got a song to sing
3. Could`ve been blessed
4. Think about me
5. From soul to heart
6. Still your fool
7. Just another guy
8. If it ain`t love (It ain`t hurtin`)
9. Wishful thinking
10. You make me a rich man
11. Harder than it looks
12. That´s where it`s at

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