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Release Date : 23 February 2024



Hot on the heels of the vinyl reissue comes this incredible triple CD package! You get the full double album, including the bonus remixes from Alan Moulder (My Bloody Valentine, Ride, etc) on the first disc, a second disc with a full hour of outtakes and studio demos, and a third live disc, recorded at the Mercury Lounge in NYC in 1998. These live and outtake tracks are currently only available in this triple CD package and they are a must for any Swervedriver fan!
Disc 1:
1. 99th Dream
2. Up from the Sea
3. She Weaves a Tender Trap
4. These Times
5. Electric 77
6. Stellar Caprice
7. Wrong Treats
8. You've Sealed My Fate
9. In My Time
10. Expressway
11. Behind the Scenes of the Sounds & The Times
12. Why Say Yeah
13. Million Miles From the Sun
14. The Director’s Cut of Your Life
15. Straight Through Your Heart

Disc 2:
1. Butterfly
2. Canvey Island
3. Up from the Sea
4. Straight Thru Your Heart
5. Sciflyer 97
6. These Times
7. Carousel City
8. Sealed My Fate
9. Sea Foam
10. Wrong Treats
11. Cool Your Boots
12. Electric 77
13. Behind the Scenes
14. 99th Dream Live
15. Wrong Treats Live

Disc 3 (LIVE):
1. Behind the Scenes of the Sounds and the Times
2. Sandblasted
3. She Weaves a Tender Trap
4. How Does it Feel to Look Like Candy
5. Duel
6. 99th Dream
7. The Birds
8. Wrong Treats
9. Never Lose that Feeling
10. Rave Down 
11. Kill the Superheroes 
12. For the Seeking Heat
13. Duress
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