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Release Date : 12 March 2021



“The Burning Bridges” is a sonic voyage encompassing the perpetual struggle of opposites, a convergence of two different aspects of Taur-Im-Duinath. The first half, a revision of “Randir”, represents the past, “the old self”, constantly struggling and aspected with anger and fury. It can be epitomized as a fierce storm assailing the Earth, denying her peace.
While “Bare Boughs” represents a completely different side, a series of chants and hymns carried in a calm and intimate way, yet clad in the robes of melancholy and longing. In the manner of dancing flames dispelling the assailing darkness, the “new self” is reduced to the foundation of its essence, to its bare bones. Bereft of all that is superfluous and superficial. Through acceptance, the wisdom of silence and quiet contemplation, the “new” self becomes spiritually aware. To reach balance and awareness, thus, the bridges of our past must be burned. Taur-Im-Duinath's endeavor is marked with many flavours and inspirations. While "Randir" combines harshness and fierceness of black metal together with layers of atmosphere and emotionally imbued lyrics, "Bare Boughs" is infused with introspection and melancholy, a gentler and stripped down sound. It is a neofolk masterpiece, definitely inspired by the likes of Agalloch, Of The Wand And The Moon and Hexvessel. Two sides with two different soundscapes. From bleakness, fury and impetuosity, to warm, intimate and quiet respite... Loose the path through the branches and the boughs, lose the way, only to find the self and the consciousness of the mind ...
Disc 1
1.Randir - L'incedere del vuoto 
2.Randir - Scrutare l'abisso 
3.Randir - Fuochi estinti 
4.Randir - La chiusura del cerchio 
Disc 2
1.Bare Boughs - To Wander
2.Bare Boughs - Clearing Paths
3.Bare Boughs - Night Hymn
4.Bare Boughs - Hyades 
5.Bare Boughs - Erinnerung 
6.Bare Boughs - Aequor Animi
7.Bare Boughs - Ashes
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