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Item no. : GRRCD109
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Release Date : 15 July 2022



Bursting on the scene with the acclaimed “Welcome To America” album in 2006, Taz Taylor has released numerous albums that have secured his position as one of the finest guitarists in recent rock history. The new Taz Taylor Band album “Nocturnal” is no exception, along for the ride this time are legendary vocalists Graham Bonnet, Mark Boals, Doogie White, David Reece and Chandler Mogel. “Nocturnal” brings back everything you love about the classic 80s era of melodic heavy rock!
1. Wasting My Time
2. Live Fast
3. Raw Nerve
4. George’s Song
5. Realize
6. Out Of Time
7. The Accidental Tourist
8. Secrets
9. Ready Or Not
10. Be Mine
11. Blue
12. Nocturnal
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