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Release Date : 14 April 2023



Danish guitarist and composer Thor Sejersen Riis spent his teenage years delving into music and practicing the guitar intensely. While his preferred type of music is Heavy Metal, and the various subgenres contained within this umbrella term, he is also inspired by genres such as Jazz Fusion and Classical music. His main influences include Jason Becker, Marty Friedman, Paul Gilbert and many more!

After spending much time playing with various musicians in the Danish metal scene and recording demos throughout the 
years, Thor Sejersen Riis released a full length album called “The Shadow Over Innsmouth” with his band “Innsmouth” in 2014. The band played Technical Death Metal, and the concept of the band was heavily inspired by the writings of H.P. Lovecraft. 

However, in the years leading up to this release, Thor was diagnosed with a rare condition called “Focal Dystonia”, sometimes referred to as “Musician’s Dystonia”. In Thor’s case, the condition manifested itself in the hands as severe tension and frequent cramps while playing the guitar. The symptoms gradually intensified which prevented any touring after the album release. 

In an attempt to recover and regain the ability to play guitar, the Danish musician had to step away from the music scene and go through retraining and intense soul searching. After taking a long break away from recording music, the Danish guitarist is now back with a new album. “The Eternal Now”, is a diverse instrumental metal album primarily inspired by the many “shred” guitar albums that Thor grew up listening to. The record consists of eight distinct and unique songs that contains plenty of shredding guitar solos as well as great performances on drums & bass. The record also includes three bonus demo tracks that were recorded in 2009/2010. 

1. Power Overwhelming
2. Ataraxia  
3. Between Rage & Serenity
4. Graveyard Poetry
5. Infinite Substance
6. The Eternal Now
7. Ghost Notes
8. If You Can Sing It, You Can Play It

9. Collapsing Multiverse (2009 Demo) 
10. Dissolution Of Eternity (2009 Demo)
11. The Windowless Solids With Five Dimensions (2010 Demo)  

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