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Item no. : MASCD1037
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Release Date : 01 March 2019



THORNBRIDGE’s new album "Theatrical Master" thematically deals with torture and suppression in the Middle Ages during the times of witch-hunts and the inquisition.

"Theatrical Master" still has power metal written all over it. The new songs turned out to be more sophisticated, and Sebastian "Seeb" Levermann upped the ante even more sound-wise.

"Theatrical Masterpiece" is an energetic and catchy album, without any ballads on it.

After a 3-year-long creative break - time well spent to focus on the individual private life - THORNBRIDGE wanted to put all collected power on an album. And so they did!

The song "Revelation", featuring Andy B. Franck, was also chosen to be featured in an upcoming radio play called "SEVEN - Das Ende aller Tage" (rough translation: SEVEN - The End of Days), which will also feature a lot of well-known dubbing actors, who mainly synchronize Hollywood actors. You can describe the radio play as a mix between a mystery thriller and drama series, where the main protagonists were chosen to prevent the end of days.

1. Take To The Oars
2. Theatrical Masterpiece
3. Keeper Of The Royal Treasure
4. Revelation
5. Demon In Your Heart
6. Journey To The Other Side
7. Ember In The Winter Grove
8. Trace Of Destruction
9. The Helmsman
10. Set The Sails
11. The Dragon's Sleeping
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