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Item no. : CND005CD
Artist : TRIVAX
Product type : Compact Disc EP
Release Date : 09 December 2022



Formed by guitarist and vocalist Shayan, TRIVAX began life in the late 2000s in the perhaps unexpected location of Iran, a country whose laws regarding music – and especially black metal – have led to punishment, imprisonment and even death. Relocating to the UK, Shayan found a like-minded ally in bassist Sully, who had similarly left Syria due to facing jail for his metal associations. Completing this power trio was talented British native M. Croton, a drummer with many years of experience under his belt.

The Serpent’s Gaze mini-album is the newest release by these practitioners of Eastern Death Magick, setting the tone for their upcoming full-length album release, their first since 2016. Totalling 25 minutes, it showcases the band’s most bold, sophisticated and high quality work yet, showcasing a monumental transformation of the band’s sonic evolution as well as their utter conviction towards their craft and vision.

Publisher Cult Never Dies now stand as an active collaborator with the band, having spawned a label wing following previous physical releases of bands such as ex-Rotting Christ alumni outfit Yoth Iria, Portuguese pioneers Moonspell and UK black metal stalwarts Heathen Deity and Old Forest.

The Serpent’s Gaze features guest appearances from Wraath (Behexen, One Tail One Head, Beyond Man), Naut (Winterfylleth, Necronautical) and J.Wilcox (Funeral Throne, Master’s Call) as well as a luxuriously illustrated digipack.

1.بیدار شو  
2. The Serpent's Gaze
3. Into The Void
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