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Release Date : 08 September 2023



“Hearts For Sale” is the fifth and latest in our series of 12-inch vinyl albums spotlighting the US girl group sound of the 1960s. The collection opens with ‘Street Dance’ by Bonnie Jean, a little-known must-have for collectors of the genre, with Darlene Love and the Blossoms clearly audible on background vocals. Issued on Lew Bedell’s Doré label, this exciting faux live deck in the style of Shirley Ellis’ ‘The Nitty Gritty’ was written by Guy Hemric and Jerry Styner, a hip team known for supplying songs for the soundtracks of B movies such as Muscle Beach Party and Thunder Alley.
The Hollywood-based Doré imprint is also the source of ‘You Really Never Know Till It’s Over’ by the Vel-Vetts (which shares a backing track with the Superbs’ ‘I Was Born When You Kissed Me’), ‘One Way Street’ by the Swans, a soulful update of the Teddy Bears’ ‘To Know Him Is To Love Him’ by the Darlings and – featuring lead vocals by Sheilah Page, a former member of groups such as the Bermudas, Becky & the Lollipops, the Majorettes, Joanne & the Triangles and Beverly & the Motor Scooters – ‘He’s Groovy’ by the Front Page & Her.
Other highlights include the Sweethearts’ Supremes influenced ‘No More Tears’, the sophisticated slowie ‘Lonely Girl’ by the Lovettes (that’s them on the front sleeve), ‘My Heart Tells Me So’ by the Del-Phis (an early incarnation of Martha & the Vandellas) and the Fran Cettes’ terrific recording of ‘Heart For Sale’. As with the earlier volumes in the series, the album comes with a fully-illustrated inner bag featuring a 2,500-word track commentary by compiler Mick Patrick.
SIDE ONE 1. STREET DANCE – Bonnie Jean 2. THAT'S NO WAY TO SPEND MY TIME - The Pen Etts 3. BOY TROUBLE - The Rev-Lons 4. I CAN TELL (I'M LOSING YOUR LOVE) – Lena Calhoun & The Emotions 5. YOU REALLY NEVER KNOW TILL IT'S OVER – The Vel-Vetts 6. HEART FOR SALE - The Fran-Cettes 7. ONE WAY STREET - The Swans
SIDE TWO 1. NO MORE TEARS - The Sweethearts 2. TO KNOW HIM IS TO LOVE HIM - The Darlings 3. BOY YOU MOVE ME - Joan Moody 4. LONELY GIRL - The Lovettes 5. MY HEART TELLS ME SO (aka I Know It's You) – The Del-Phis 6. SURFERS MEMORIES - The Fashions 7. HE'S GROOVY - The Front Page & Her


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