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Release Date : 13 October 2017



VASSAFOR should need no introduction. For the past decade and a half, since the band's reactivation with their Demo II in 2005, this New Zealand cult have patiently plied their idiosyncratic craft, pushing the boundaries of black and death metal ever further whilst driving deep into each's collective core. Although some will argue that they reached their apotheosis with 2012's debut album, Obsidian Complex - a true, two-disc double album - VASSAFOR played their most daring hand with respective split LPs with comrades Sinistrous Diabolus and Temple Nightside. In miniature, these works amplified the simultaneously world-eating/ethereal textures that lay at the heart of the VASSAFOR aesthetic. Now, after an intense two years in the shadows, the band's grandest work is about to be revealed: Malediction.
01- Devourer of a Thousand Worlds 16:26
02- Emergence (of an Unconquerable One) 05:04
03- Elegy of the Accurser 07:26
04- Black Winds Victoryant 14:16
05- Illumination of the Sinister 10:44
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