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Item no. : IHATE131
Artist : VIETAH
Product type : Vinyl LP
Label : I HATE
Release Date : 25 November 2016



VIETAH – ”The Atmospheric Black Metal Phenomenon from Belarusian Swamps”– is the brainchild of Antarctis, an artist hailing from the city of Gomel situated in the southeastern part of Belarus, close to the Ukrainian border. Over the years I HATE has worked hard to put the spotlight on former Eastern Bloc artists, who rarely get the attention they deserve from metal fans or media. Such a description is spot on in the case of VIETAH! In a state where the political regime (in conspiracy with the church) does not look lightly upon metal—extreme metal in particular—and takes every chance to counteract or shut down everything not fitting their agenda, VIETAH has managed to stay active for ten years, releasing four convincing full-length albums to date. During 2016 all these albums will be made available on vinyl for the first time through I HATE.

Side A
1. Zmjarćvielyja Krajavidy praz Smaljany Pozirk Krumkacza
2. Smalisty Žah
3. Pavoĺny Paljot pa-nad Ljasnym Kurganom

Side B
4. Vosieńskija Spadarožniki ū Nocz
5. Zdzjajsniennie
6. Paslja Paūcznaja Ciszynja
7. Kvintesiencyja (Quintessence – Darkthrone cover)

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