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Release Date : 26 April 2024



This new album represents the unique sound that VIOLETTE SOUNDS has created since working with Loten Namling. And while VIOLETTE SOUNDS was already musically convincing with its first two albums, the addition of world music elements and Loten's Tibetan chants gave the group an absolute unique selling point.
VIOLETTE SOUNDS are progressive, atmospheric, jazzy and still they know how to rock properly, which is not only due to Karl Henneberg being musically influenced by 70’s rock , but also to the performance of Loten Namling, who, as a proven rock/metal fan, has even shared the stage with the Brazilian metal band Sepultura in the past.
While other bands desperately try to reconcile different musical styles and reshape music, VIOLETTE SOUNDS manages to do so seemingly effortlessly.
The group proves that music has no borders and is the only language that can be understood worldwide without a dictionary.

1. Who Are You
2. Penchen Lama
3. Infinity
4. Bodhisattva Heroes
5. Moments
6. During A Day
7. Milarepa Duo
8. Birthday Song
9. Dr. Böhm
10. Infinity Reprise
11. The Land Behind Your Mind
12. Timelord
13. Love Will Grow

Side A
1. Panchen Lama
2. Who Are You
3. Infinity
4. Bodhisattva Heroes
Side B
1. Moments
2. Milarepa Duo
3. The Land Behind Your Mind
4. Birthday Song
5. Infinity Reprise
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