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Item no. : PRO142CD
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Release Date : 30 September 2013



The clock strikes twelve, witching hour - The Vision Bleak have returned!
Three years after "Set Sail To Mystery", the masters of Horror Metal have undergone creative rejuvenation.
With the spontaneity and playfulness of "Witching Hour", Schwadorf and Konstanz hark back to their debut "The Deathship Has A New Captain", and the slogan "creepy and haunting entertainment" has never been more fitting.

The comprehensive witchcraft concept of "Witching Hour" highlights the duo as morbid storytellers with a bizarrely brutal, yet also entertaining assortment of fairytales and myths up their sleeves.

Familiar elements such as groovy, driving riffs, sublime, melodic lead guitars and Konstanz' unique voice are still the defining characteristics, yet new implementations like the haunting flute or the most versatile and sinister vocals so far are crucial to the fact that "Witching Hour" in its entirety sounds more dour and unfathomable than earlier recordings.

Available as standard edition but also as DigiPak edition with bonus track and extended booklet!

1. Witching Hour
2. A Witch Is Born
3. The Blocksberg Rite
4. Cannibal Witch
5. The Wood Hag
6. Hexenmeister
7. Pesta Approaches
8. The Valkyrie
Bonus track: DIGIPAK ONLY
The Call Of The Banshee
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