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Item no. : VSP083
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Release Date : 02 September 2016



Volturyon was formed in 2005 by Johan Gustafsson and Christian Netzell. Soon thereafter Andreas Olander joined the ranks and the band started to flex their musical muscles.
Volturyon has experienced some lineup changes over the years. In 2011 the band welcomed the mighty Alexander Högbom (Centinex, October Tide) to the microphone. Furthermore, in 2014 Oskar Pålsson (ex-Coldworker, Axis of Despair) joined the ranks as the bands new bass player.
Volturyon’s first album "Blood Cure" was released in 2008 and it was followed by "Coordinated Mutilation" in 2011. In the year 2014 Volturyon inked a deal with ViciSolum Productions and released the EP "Human Demolition". Since then the band has worked hard on their next full-length album, to ensure that it will sonically eviscerate anyone who listens to it. The result, "Cleansed by Carnage", will be released by ViciSolum Productions September 2nd, 2016.
Volturyon has played in most European countries to support and market their music. Highlights include: several trips to the UK and Ireland, trips to France, Belgium and Germany and a tour of Eastern Europe supporting Demonical. The band has also played a lot in their native Sweden, including Sweden Rock Festival in 2009.
01. Pile of Human
02. To Starve You
03. Cleansed by Carnage
04. Swiping Salvation
05. Fungus Coat
06. Hinterkaifeck
07. Cocoon
08. The Perfidious Idol
09. The Capital of Perverse Punishment
10. Pleasure of Molestation (Bonus track)
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