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Release Date : 08 June 2004



WAIT IN VAIN has emerged in the northwest as one of the most dynamic bands in the hardcore scene today. Their passion, intensity and anger are spreading like wildfire worldwide. The band, as described by former TRIAL (Equal Vision Records) front man Greg Bennick, "is both a reminder of the past and a vision of what is to come: the return of hardcore that feels dangerous and potentially lethal to the status quo." Fronted by Timm McIntosh, formerly of TRIAL and CHAMPION (Bridge 9 Records), WAIT IN VAIN has a voice that has been a part of the uprising, continuation and return of Seattle straight edge hardcore. Lyrically, the band unleashes an intelligent onslaught of messages covering many social and political issues with an emphasis on selfreliance and a need for action toward an uncaring world. With Roger Kilburn (LOVE IS RED / SINKING SHIPS) and Chris Jacobsen (SET YOUR GOALS) on guitars, WAIT IN VAIN is driven by dynamic musicianship that sets them apart from many of the run-of-the-mill acts in hardcore today. Also featured on this recording is Alexei Rodriguez, who is known from his work with TRIAL and WALLS OF JERICHO (Trustkill Records). All of the "ex-member" sugar coating aside, WAIT IN VAIN makes it known to everyone, no matter if you're familiar with the members' past or not, that they have a grasp on hardcore music and culture. Not only have the members been a part of some of the most influential hardcore bands of the last 15 years, but WAIT IN VAIN proves their work is far from over. See for yourself on July 8th, 2008 when Seasons, the debut full length from WAIT IN VAIN, is released by Think Fast! Records.
1. Another Year
2. Q And...
3. Forget Me Not
4. A Blind Eye
5. Seasons
6. Passions Just Like Mine
7. Puritan
8. Original Sin
9. The Fix
10. White Picket Fences
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