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Majestic spiritual black dimension!
Combining the sophisticated and progressive/melodic side of the 90’s Scandinavian death-black masters with sheer American fierceness and frenzy, Wythersake is the band that the extreme metal scene was craving from a long time. Formed in 2016, the Washington D.C. quartet quickly developed a unique style and released a couple of acclaimed singles online. Now, the secret ingredient of their astonishing debut album is the fact that they allowed themselves the freedom and time to explore different sounds, layers and dynamics – all pushed to the limit. Lyrically, the concept of ‘Antiquity’ revolves around apostasy and Gnosticism: in the early Middle Ages, personal spiritual growth and knowledge and the eradication of ignorance became considered heretical and were replaced by salvation through unquestioning faith and piety and a focus on eradication of sin (by any means necessary). Wythersake is the much-needed antidote: an exhilarating symphony of destruction that will elevate your soul.
1. Prediluvian
2. Antiquity 3 The Advent
4. From a Serpent Spoken
5. Iniquity
6. Through Ritual We Manifest
7. Lamentations
8. Feast Upon the Seraph Within
9. Unto Light 10 My Profane Goddess
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