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Release Date : 26 August 2022



In the winter of 2013, IDVex (a.k.a Ifigeneia Derizioti) formed the one-man band 1/2 Southern North (read: Half Southern North) in Kalamata, Greece. The musical compositions are characterized by heavy melodic lines, a languid and sluggish tempo and the use of prolonged sonic scenes. In addition, the lyrics deal with Mythology, Left Hand Path Philosophy, Occultism and personal experiences. In a nutshell, the band is inspired by several genres such as black metal, doom metal, experimental and avant-garde music.

The aesthetic of the first full length album, “Narrations of a Fallen Soul”, is based on ancient Greek tragedy while the compositions’ structure is similar to the forms of classical music.

The main theme of the album is the essence of Death and the Soul, as the Spirit is freed by Lucifer (the sacred snake Ophis). Death here represents the minor god Thanatos of ancient Greek mythology, who is the last lover of the maiden Soul, a "marriage" of eternity, the bitter inevitability of death and decay. The Soul accepts her destiny and frees herself from the bounds of matter to join the Moon, the ancient Mother of all.

1. Alpha Sophia
2. Hearts of Hades
3. Breastfeed Your Delighful Sorrow
4. Elegy of Hecate
5. Narrations of a Fallen Soul
6. Remnants of Time
7. Song to Hall Up High (Bathory cover)
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