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Item no. : LPAO197
Artist : ACEDIA
Product type : Vinyl LP
Release Date : 04 November 2022



Acédia is originally a progressive black metal trio formed in 2011. Quickly releasing a debut album in 2012, the band completes its formation in order to get on stage. After releasing a second album in 2015, the band enters a period of line-up changes and musical experimentation. Acédia plays a harmonically dense and contrapuntal black metal strongly inspired by 21st-century composers. Navigating between tonal and dissonant music, the band aspires to exploit underused idioms of extreme metal, while maintaining a sense of tradition in their sonic adventures. They have had close collaborations with members of Cantique Lépreux and Krallice. Acédia has shared the stage with pioneers like Enslaved, Absu or Taake. Some members of Acédia are also involved in the experimental music scene, participating in more than a hundred live performances.

Fracture is the third album from the Québec-based black metal trio Acédia. Strengthened by their experiences in different metal and experimental music bands (Cantique Lépreux, Chasse-Galerie, GGRIL), Acédia’s music takes a more personal and accomplished turn. Inspired by the apathetic nature of modern life and the general acceleration of time, the tracks on the album test the limits of tonality using dissonances along with virtuosic playing to create anguished and frenzied ambiences.

1. La Fosse
2. Mont Obscur
3. Fracture
4. L’Art de Pourrir
5. L’inconnu
6. Brûlure du Temps
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