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Release Date : 24 March 2017



On the second album "Time", German Modern-Metal group Aeverium finds the perfect balance between anthemic symphonic sounds and contemporary harshness. The well-received debut album „Break Out“ already effectively set Aeverium apart from the crowd The hammering power riffs and aggression of Modern- and Nu-Metal were expertly juxtaposed with catchy melodies and the elegiac bombast of Symphonic-Metal to forge one of the most refreshing hybrid sounds in recent Rock history, powered by an exceptionally talented duo on vocals. The second album “Time” is cannily built on the strong aspects of the debut, while elevating the unique fusion of styles to the next level. The hard parts were turned up a notch, the transition into the symphonic parts is executed even more smoothly and the explosive fusion of emotion, aggression and cinematic pomp is all the more intense. Furthermore, the hard riffs in tracks like “Hunted” or the potential hit “What About Me” are grounded on a pulsating electronic foundation that reminds of the early days of bands like Linkin Park or Disturbed. Front man Marcel “Chubby” Roemer is displaying an impressive vocal band width ranging from growls to powerful melodic belting which is effectively countered by the mesmerizing female voice of Aeva Maurelle who is delivering her full range from heavenly voices to a siren-like tour de force. The band is also an extremely powerful live act, just recently becoming a crowd favorite supporting Kamelot and Delain... and in April/May they are setting out to take their new material on the road with Lord Of The Lost. “Time” will also be released as a deluxe 2CD including an exclusive bonus disc with 8 unplugged versions..

01 Hunted
02 Time
03 What About Me
04 Home
05 Brave New World
06 Can´t Break Me Down
07 Resurrected
08 Vale Of Shadows
09 The World Inside My Head
10 My Farewell

01 The World Inside My Head (Acoustic Version)
02 Home (Acoustic Version)
03 Brave New World (Acoustic Version)
04 Time (Acoustic Version)
05 My Farewell (Acoustic Version)
06 Rest In Peace (Acoustic Version)
07 What Are You Waiting For (Acoustic Version)
06 To Live Forever (Acoustic Version)

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