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Item no. : AFMCD6952
Artist : ARION
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 26 October 2018



ARION are THE newcomers of the Finnish metal scene! The band around mastermind and guitarist Iivo Kaipainen is seen as a legitimate successor to their compatriots STRATOVARIUS or SONATA ARCTICA. ARION pushes this direction in terms of style, but enriches this sound with fresh ideas, contemporary sound and its individual touch. The involvement of AMARANTHE singer Elize Ryd on the single duet "At The Break Of Dawn" resulted in nearly 3 million Spotify streams to this day and enhanced the young Finns' fanbase significantly.

The ARION members (with the exception of singer Lassi Väräänen, who joined the band in 2015) have been active in the same line-up since 2012. After participating in the European Song Contest preliminary round for Finland 2013 (with the track "Lost") all eyes were on the talented band (whose members were under age). A contract with the Finnish label Ranka Kustannus attracted the 2014 ARION debut album "Last Of Us" - with which the young band was able to celebrate success across national borders. Such sophisticated melodic power metal, perfectly produced and presented with finesse and maturity, was not expected from a group of 18- and 19-year-olds. ARION even hit Japanese soil in the same year, where they played the huge Loudpark Festival.

For the last 3 years, the band has gained more live experience and further perfected their songwriting. The result is now available in shape of the new album "Life Is Not Beautiful", with which ARION will now cause a stir worldwide - now partnering with new label AFM Records.

1. The End Of The Fall
2. No One Stands In My Way
3. At The Break Of Dawn (Feat. Elize Ryd)
4. The Last Sacrifice
5. Through Your Falling Tears
6. Unforgivable
7. Punish You
8. Life Is Not Beautiful
9. Last One Falls
10. Last Of Us (Version 2018) (Digipack only)
11. Seven (Version 2018) (Digipack only)
12. I Am The Storm (Version 2018) (Digipack only)

A1. The End Of The Fall
A2. No One Stands In My Way
A3. At The Break Of Dawn (Feat. Elize Ryd)
A4. The Last Sacrifice
A5. Through Your Falling Tears
B6. Unforgivable
B7. Punish You
B8. Life Is Not Beautiful
B9. Last One Falls

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