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Release Date : 24 September 2021



Axxelerator With their debut album "Heads or Tails"! 

The Swiss band Axxelerator unconditionally pay homage to the 80's Bay Area Thrash and impress with razor-sharp riffs, mosh-obligate gang shouts and catchy melodies that will please everyone who worships old school metal!

Originally founded as Rust, the four-member band changed their name into Axxelerator in 2010. The Swiss combo is clearly dedicated to old-school Bay Area Thrash Metal, but also dares to experiment with other genres of the heavier type, which usually leads to comparisons with Metallica, Exodus or the NWOBHM. Catchy, varied riffs instead of dull bludgeoning - that is the motto of the Lucerne-based band. After the release of their EP "Soulcatcher" in 2015, the band delivered several successful gigs in Switzerland, before it took a longer time-out due to two line-up changes. In 2021, Axxelerator finally returns with a new line-up, label support and a new record: The debut album "Heads or Tails" is released through Allegro Talent Media and shows the band stronger and more eager to play than ever!

For fans of Metallica, Exodus, Megadeth and Testament

1. Gates Of Ur
2. Heads Or Tails
3. Signs Of The Idol
4. Living With Nuclear Neighbours
5. Speedcrew
6. Paradise Lost
7. The West & The Rest
8. Skye On Fire
9. Starwinds
10. Violent Crowd
11. Here Comes The Pain Patrol
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