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Item no. : ATMCD001
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 05 June 2020


LIV KRISTINE is back, releasing her new single "SKYLIGHT" in the first half of 2020, followed by a full-length album. It honors the gothic metal-rock genre and will evoke memories of “AÉGIS” – the third full-length album by THEATRE OF TRAGEDY that has helped not only LIV KRISTINE, but an entire genre to break through in the nineties. Moreover, it follows in the footsteps of LIV KRISTINE's last release "VERVAIN" (2014). In tight cooperation with "AÉGIS" composer, Tommy Olsson, each song radiates a a unique paradigm of depth and width of sound: "To me, aesthetics in music lies in the artist's true and free nature of combining instruments and their chord progression with the most inspiring and interesting tonal flow, the phonetics of the words sung in the most delicate and personal singing manner, being in its expression one unique peace of manifestation coming from the artist's heart. Music is to me a delicate dance of color-and-light, I find both balance and freedom in these energetic spheres. Music is pure elevation, sound and colors in one perfect expression, it just takes me to a higher level of passion and understanding of the whole universe and of human emotions, moreover, it has a bigger meaning, a special connection to our soul". The new compositions and lyrics are exactly this - highly inspired by romanticism, the many facets of life, especially unveiling those feelings deeply connected to the innermost of our souls and truest selves, moreover, the greatness and mysteries of the universe, nature, and the power of karma.
1. Skylight
2. Gravity
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