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Item no. : DEAD139CD
Artist : AZAGHAL
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 28 September 2009



AZAGHAL cement their position as Finland’s finest with their eighth album, the highly anticipated Teraphim. Surpassing last year’s critically acclaimed Omega, Teraphim finds these underground legends perfecting their ever-singular, immediately identifiable brand of black metal. Simultaneously classic and modern, Teraphim is a torrent of freezing-cold riffs, dynamic battery, and tormented vocal abuse. Guaranteed to stoke the fires of longtime fans as well as convert numerous newcomers.
1. Elilum – Suuri Tyhjyys (Elilum - The Great Emptiness)
2. Filosofi (The Philosopher)
3. Teraphim – Puhdistava Tuli (Teraphim - The Cleansing Fire)
4. Hänen Musta Liekkinsä (His Black Flame)
5. Helvetin Ikuisessa Loistossa (In the Eternal Grandeur of Hell)
6. Kyy (Viper)
7. Uhrattu (Sacrificed)
8. Pimeyden Kutsu (The Call of the Dark)
9. Samaelin Kuiskaus (Samael's Whisper)
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