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Chest (CM)

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Item no. : SIN001CDLE
Artist : AZZIARD
Product type : Compact Disc Digi
Release Date : 05 January 2018



French Black Metal long runners AZZIARD return with their 3rd album exploring the darkest aspects of human mind. After exploring the universe of the First World War in order to criticize our society, infected by the same diseases as more than 100 years ago, with “1916” and “Vésanie”, AZZIARD is now displaying a new concept in a much more radical line. Following the line-up changes and the arrival of its new members, Sarnath (ex The Negation / Insain), Anderswo (ex The Negation / Borgia), Gorgeist (Dreamcatcher) and Nesh (Nydvind / End of Mankind) having taken over the composition of the tracks of the new album scheduled for December 2017, the style is evolving towards a modern, uncompromising Black Metal, with a touch of DSBM. The band is now exploring the foundations of the human psyche, the low instincts of our species and the metaphysical concepts of Carl Jung already initiated by Vesanie, through a character whose madness is only equaled by the world in which we evolve. Humanity is about to be dismissed by its own actions.
1. Premier Jour
2. L’Enfer
3. L’Anachorète, Dies
4. Ascension
5. Le Meurtre du Héros
6. Second Jour
7. Archétype
8. Unus Mundus
9. Psyché
10. Le Sacrifice
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