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Item no. : VIC290CD
Artist : BLOOD
Product type : Compact Disc
Label : VIC
Release Date : 28 July 2023



Blood was formed by Bernd Eisenstein, Taki, Geer and Radtke in March 1986 in Germany. They recorded 3 demos during this time. In 1989 they released their debut album Impulse To Destroy on the American cult label Wild Rags. In 1992 they signed a two album deal with German 1MF records, run by S.L. Coe (ex Angeldust vocalist). Their third full lengt album 'O Agios Pethane’ was recorded in Dust Music Studio (Assorted Heap, Torchure), during June 1993. The albums contains  20 tracks of excellent  German death metal / grindcore. The 2023 re-issue by vic records contains a complete new booklet, designed by RaDesign (Varathron, Possessed) with liner notes and rare pictures.
1. Intro  
2. Kadath  
3. Cannibal Ritual  
4. Profanity
5. Submission
6. Sodomize the Weak  
7. Punishment
8. Christbait
9. Dread
10. Wings of Declaration
11. By the Way of Grace
12. God Left the World
13. Afsta ta malakja sou
14. Revelation
15. Divine Seed
16. Spasmo Paralytic Dreams
17. Lamentation
18. Stream of Anguish
19. Blood for Blood
20. Outro
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