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Release Date : 03 May 2024



The Cassandra Complex "The Plague" - the triumphant return of the original cyber-post-punk heroes!

The Cassandra Complex came screaming out of Leeds, England all the way back in 1984 with their signature sound of fuzzbox guitars, hammering synth lines and drum machines, and the unique voice of Rodney Orpheus. Their debut singles 'March' and 'Moscow Idaho' topped alternative charts all over the world, and they spent the next years touring the world, and making more classic songs such as 'One Millionth Happy Customer' and 'Nightfall', still standards on goth-industrial dance floors to this day.

The band took a hiatus for several years while band mastermind Orpheus worked creating some of the most widely-used music technology today, as well as production work with other bands such as The Sisters of Mercy, Kraftwerk, Within Temptation, Sinead O’Connor, Die Krupps, and many others.

During COVID lockdown the band got together using online collaboration tech to create "The Plague" - 10 brand-new songs that prove that The Cassandra Complex are better than ever. Powerful guitar-driven industrial rock songs like 'The Crown Lies Heavy On The King' and 'Old Boys Network' showed that The Cassandra Complex had lost none of their political fury and aggression, 'In The Dead Of Night' and 'The Great Sea' became modern gothic standards, while more synth-powered ballads like 'Speed Of Sound' and 'The Best Thing' proved that the band still know how to compose beautiful, emotionally deep songs that most of their contemporaries would kill for.

The streaming version of this album came out in 2022 and spent 8 weeks at the top of the German Alternative Chart.

Now for the first time it will become available on CD in a fully remastered version. It will be supported by a world tour across 12 countries throughout 2024.
1. Hotline to Elvis
2. We Defend Ourselves
3. The Crown Lies Heavy on the King
4. Old Boys Network
5. Speed of Sound
6. In the Dead of Night
7. The Great Sea
8. The Best Thing
9. All 3
10. I Miss You
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