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Release Date : 03 May 2024



COP International are proud to announce the release of "Death & Sex", the latest album from legendary post-punk group The Cassandra Complex.

40 years ago Rodney Orpheus, Paul Dillon, and Andy Booth got together in a basement in Leeds, England with a collection of cheap second-hand guitar pedals, synthesisers, and drum machines, and created a post-punk revolution in sound with songs like 'Moscow Idaho', 'One Millionth Happy Customer', and 'Nightfall', which filled alternative dancefloors and topped Indie charts around the world.

In 1993 they released the album "Sex & Death" to a limited audience. Now, 30 years later, the band have re-recorded this classic record from scratch as "Death & Sex" and it will finally achieve a worldwide release for the first time as part of their 40 year anniversary celebrations.

"Death & Sex" features original founders of the band Rodney Orpheus (vocals, synths, drum machines) and Andy Booth (guitar), with long time additional members Chris Haskett (Henry Rollins Band, David Bowie) on guitar and Mera Roberts (Faith and the Muse, Black Tape for a Blue Girl) on cello, plus new member Brent Heinze (Probe 7) on keyboards.
1. Mouth Of Heaven
2. Voices
3. Kneel To The Boss
4. Give Me What I Need
5. Come On
6. Satisfy Me
7. Realm Of The Senseless
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