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The Doobie Brothers were formed in Northern California in the late 60s/ early 70s where they gained an enthusiastic following among local chapters of the Hells Angels.  The band's image at that time reflected that of their biggest fans, all leather jackets and motorcycles but they soon began to develop a smoother sound with a country influence.  They had a number of successful albums and a string of hits before breaking up in 1981
1. Jesus Is Just Alright
2. Rockin’ Down The Highway
3. What A Fool Believes
4. South City Midnight Lady
5. The Doctor
6. Neal’s Fandango
7. Minute By Minute
8. China Groove
9. Dependin’ On You
10. Slack Key Soquel Rag
11. Black Water
12. Long Train Runnin’
13. Listen To The Music
14. Without You
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