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Item no. : HPS122LTD
Artist : DOZER
Product type : Vinyl LP
Release Date : 05 June 2020



We are so stoked to present a big comeback, a dream come true!

Heavy Psych Sounds Records is reissuing the first three albums of the Swedish legendary band Dozer:
In The Tail Of A Comet (2000, Man's Ruin Records), Madre De Dios (2001) and Call It Conspiracy (2003, both out via Molten Universe). Three masterpieces of the European stoner scene. These three records elevated the scene to a higher level and gave Dozer the scepter of the Scandinavian stoner movement.

In the post-Kyuss era, Dozer, along with bands like Los Natas and Acid King, brought a flurry of pure, desert-style monolithic riffs and tons of fuzz guitars. The songwriting on all these three albums was what really distinguished Dozer from the other bands of the early 2000's. The band had a very big influence on the European stoner bands and we can definitely say Dozer are one of the European stoner godfathers.

Dozer's last album was Beyond Colossal in 2008, we don't know if they will ever return back with a new release but in the meantime we can enjoy this special “threesome”...

The reissues will be released in a bunch of very special coloured vinyl editions, a unique opportunity to have these records on vinyl. Actually, it will be the very first time In The Tail Of A Comet will be released on a single vinyl !!!

1. Supersoul
2. Lightyears Ahead
3. Speeder
4. Inside The Falcon
5. Riding The Machine
6. Cupola
7. Grand Dragon
8. Captain Spaceheart
9. High Roller
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