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Release Date : 14 August 2020



It might seem hard to fathom in a post-djent era, but once upon a time, it was unthinkable to mix progressive metal and technical death metal, two decidedly distinct subgenres of heavy metal whose disparate fan bases overlapped little, if at all. The pioneering “extreme progressive metal” group INTO ETERNITY, however, showed that it was not only possible, but inconceivable that no one had done so sooner. Bridging the gap between Death and Dream Theater, the influential Canadian band – founded by guitarist Tim Roth – paved the way for scores of today's genre-agnostic acts. Following the success of the band's acclaimed 2018 comeback album “The Sirens,” M-Theory Audio is proud to honor INTO ETERNITY's continued legacy by releasing a 20th anniversary reissue of the group's 1999 self-titled debut, which was originally self-released. In addition to its first-ever LP release – a limited-edition (300 copies) pressing on gray haze colored vinyl – the album will also be issued on CD. Both formats include newly-written liner notes by Roth and two of his former bandmates, as well as three bonus track demos. True extreme music pioneers, INTO ETERNITY showed the world just how limitless metal could be – and also how glorious it could sound in the process.
1. Torn
2. Sorrow
3. Left Behind
4. The Modern Day
5. A Frozen Escape
6. Behind the Disguise
7. Holding Onto Emptiness
8. Into Eternity
9. Speak of the Dead
10. Silence Through Virtue
11. The Modern Day (demo) - BONUS TRACK
12. Torn (demo) - BONUS TRACK
13. Into Eternity (demo) - BONUS TRACK
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