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Item no. : HPS207LP
Artist : JOSIAH
Product type : Vinyl LP
Release Date : 22 April 2022



RE-PRESS of the Josiah sophomore album!!

Josiah melds the sounds of unheralded dropouts Blue Cheer with the nostalgic leanings of Monster Magnet and Kyuss. In fact the lead vocals echo that of Wyndorf, with some bluesy Ron Young moments thrown in. The first three songs show that the band is capable of some killer material – the hard-hitting future classic The Scarlatti Tilt, the backbeat of “Turn It On” and the Beefheart Esque tones to O.B.N. make for guaranteed foot-stompers. “Sweet Time” comes across like Ram Jam‘s “Black Betty” supercharged with simple yet effective song structure. The disc finishes with an appropriately named “Unwind Your Mind”, as I am sure the recording of this album was done in a cloud of smoke. This is a quality release. Heavy Psych and Stoner fans should be all over it. Retro rock with a touch of psychedelic blues, soul and more than enough rock to satisfy metal fans.  - Sleaze Roxx

1. The Scarlatti Tilt
2. Turn It On
3. O.B.N.
4. Bloodrock
5. Beyond
6. Sylvie
7. Sweet Time
8. Keep On Pushin'
9. Black Country Killer
10. Death Rides A Horse
11. Unwind Your Mind

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