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Release Date : 14 November 2011



With a reputation as one of the most dangerous live bands from Norway, MANIFEST debuted with Half Past Violence in June 2005. Two months later they found themselves playing the world`s biggest metal festival; WACKEN OPEN AIR. In a review from the concert, the correspondent from METAL HAMMER GERMANY described MANIFEST as "…a deadly cocktail of death and thrash metal, melody and anger…they have an amazing stage presence…." More touring including international festivals followed and in September 2006, MANIFEST reached another highlight when they supported one of their all time favourite bands ENTOMBED on the ‘When In Norge Tour 06’. October-December 2006 was spent in the studio with producer Knut “Fug” Prytz, recording and mixing their second full-length album Hedonism. Released in 2007 on Morningstar Records, the album received great reviews all over Europe. “…high speed with enough venom to make a spitting cobra cower in shame…”, wrote, one of UK`s most well known and respected metal webzines. To support the release, MANIFEST hit the road again, playing clubs and festivals with bands like JORN, IHSAHN, 1349 and THE BATALLION. Most of 2009 was spent writing, recording and mixing their third full length album, entitled Written In Blood. The band established VIOLENT MEDIA as their own label for this release, joining forces with INDIE DISTRIBUTION. In the aftermath of the Norwegian release of Written In Blood, MANIFEST opened for ENTOMBED on their Norwegian tour, played the POLAR DEATH FEST, TRONDHEIM METAL FEST and also headlined a series of club shows. The band once again took another step up and played the headline stage at the INFERNO METAL FESTIVAL in April 2011, sharing the night with NAPALM DEATH, MESHUGGAH, PENTAGRAM and MALEVOLENT CREATION!
1. Tonnie von Adelaine 2. They`ll Have To Carry Me Home 3. Food For Flies 4. The Worst Is Yet To Come 5. Pitch Black Inside 6. A .45 To Pay The Rent 7. Lullaby (Bedtime For Bastards) 8. Letter From The Grave 9. Irreversible 10. Savage 11. Written In Blood
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