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Release Date : 27 January 2023



Mask of Prospero is back with their second full-length album “Hiraeth”. The album is a powerful blend of metalcore and modern progressive metal.

Mask of Prospero about the album:
“Hiraeth in Welsh culture is a mixture of longing, referring to the sense of homesickness tinged with grief and sorrow over the loss. A yearning for that which has passed.

Hiraeth is our second full-length album. We tried to negotiate with our sense of social disconnection, embrace introversion and create a dark and moody atmosphere. Filled with heavy warm bass, emotional ambiance, and aggressive outbursts leading each song into a moral isolation. A musical journey towards ourselves, to our personal Horeeya (Arabic for freedom).

We extended this artistic concept beyond our music. The artwork of the album shows the duality of the Mother figure in perfect balance. Like in Kintsugi the valuable vessel -metaphorically the Mother- is restored with gold after the battle between herself. A perfect irony well fit for each person.”

1. Divided
2. Hourglass
3. In Exile
4. Lethe
5. Amal
6. Lament
7. Kyma
8. Horeeya
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