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MONOLITHE’s Dark Doom Metal, grandiose, epic and transcendental, needs to be lived more than listened to. The band initiated a series of 50 minutes, single-track albums which would later become one of the band’s trademarks. “Monolithe I”, “Monolithe II”, “Monolithe III” and “Monolithe IV”, released over the years, met with universal acclaim, as well as the ambitious, three-tracks twin albums, 2015’s “Epsilon Aurigae” and 2016’s “Zeta Reticuli”. MONOLITHE’s music mixes heaviness, mysticism and complex structures tinged with hints of progressive flair.
The year 2017 has been fulfilled with the recording of a brand new, seventh album, called “Nebula Septem”, which is set to be released early 2018. With, “Nebula Septem”, MONOLITHE pushes once again the boundaries of the Doom Metal genre, exploring the mysterious theme of extra-terrestrial life on the 7 gems featuring on the record.
1 - Anechoic Aberration -  7’
2 - Burst in the Event Horizon -  7’
3 - Coil Shaped Volutions -  7’
4 - Delta Scuti
5 - Engineering the Rip -  7’
6 - Fathom the Deep -  7’
7 - Gravity Flood -  7’
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