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Release Date : 22 June 2018



Moonreich was founded in 2008 as a solo project, lead by Weddir who composed the first EP “Zoon Politikon” that was released on the french label “Infernal Kommando”. In order to promote this new release, a single concert took place in Paris in June 2009 with a non-permanent line-up. Once this EP was out, Weddir went on composing the first album of the band and finally record it in october 2009. After many delays, “Loi Martiale” was finally released in january 2011 on the italian label De Tenebrarum Principio that provides worldwide promotion and distribution. While the recording of the album was still in process, Weddir started looking for musicians to promote Moonreich's music in France and foreign countries. Around 800 CDs have been sold since the release, which is quite substancial in the underground music world for a first black metal album. At the end of 2011, Moonreich recorded a new EP named “Curse them”, that includes four tracks more dissonant and
brutal than “Loi Martiale”. The digital version was released in april 2012 while the actual CD came out in september 2012 on the french label Mortis Humanae. Many reviews have emphasized the originality and the strength of Moonreich's new material. Moonreich released their highly acclamed new album “Terribilis Est Locus Iste” in June 2013. The band toured a lot to promote this new album, including european tour with GORGOROTH and VITAL REMAINS Moonreich just released their third album on September 2015 via LADLO productions and is ready to strike as many stages as possible with their powerful music, including HELLFEST 2016 along with Rammstein, Black sabbath …. Moonreich would like to point out that the band does NOT belong to the NSBM genre.
1: Fugue Part I: Every time she passes away
2: Fugue Part II: Every time the earth slips away
3: With open throat for way too long
4: Heart symbolism
5: Rarefaction
6: Carry that drought cause I have no arms anymore
7: The things behind the moon
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