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Item no. : HPS192LP
Artist : NEBULA
Product type : Vinyl LP
Release Date : 11 February 2022



REPRESS of the legendary NEBULA album!

“Stoner rock? Bonghit metal? Old school hard rock? Call it what ya want, but it is clear from the first 3 seconds of Nebula’s Atomic Ritual that these guys have been listening to a lot of Hawkwind! Droning, heavy, fuzzy and flat-out rockin’ as fuck, Nebula’s latest slab is more conceptual than their previous effort, but no less pulverizing. Produced by Master of Reality (and Queens of the Stone Age/Kyuss mentor) Chris Goss, Atomic Ritual is the bands most layered, bold work to date and finds them veering closer to the headfuck ethos of early Monster Magnet than the indie classic rock they ventured into on their Sub Pop effort. The title track and “Out Of Your Head” are just pure space rock, while “Carpe Diem,” “So It Goes” and “More” balance out the cosmic slop with some hooks and melody. None of this is gonna get the on the radio, but one gets the feeling they could care less. So be it. All in all, a pleasing way to melt your brain.” - Frank Meyer

1. Atomic Ritual
2. So It Goes
3. Carpe Diem
4. More
5. The Beast
6. Out of Your Head
7. The Way to Venus
8. Paradise Engineer
9. Electric Synapse
10. Strange Human
11. Fin


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