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In 1998, melodic death metal had a fantastic momentum. But not only bands from Gothenburg were able create albums that combined the extremes
of death metal with a melodic approach that added qualities like atmosphere, melancholy and a contrast that made the rude parts seem to be even
more brutal…
NIGHT IN GALES from Germany released their second full-length album “Thunderbeast” in 1998 and were not only able to be on a par with their
international contenders, but left their own mark on the the scene. Be it the menacing riffs by guitarists Frank and Jens Basten, the heavy rhythm
section consisting of Christian Baß (bass) and Tobbe Bruchmann (drums) or the versatile voice of singer Björn Gooßes. While the opening track
‘Intruder’ is still part of the band’s setlist to this day, which is a testament to the quality of this album, songs like ‘Darkzone Anthem’, ‘The Dustcrown’
or ‘Feverfeast’ are also true gems of melodic death metal.
Side A
1. Intruder
2. Darkzone Anthem
3. Perihelion
4. Crystalthorns‘ Call
5. Feverfeast
6. The Shadowchamber
Side B
1. Thunderbeast
2. I Am the Dungeongod
3. Blackfleshed
4. The Dustcrown
5. Stormchild
6. Heralds of Starfall
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