FORCE FROM HELL 1983 -2007 (6CD)

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Release Date : 24 September 2021



UK Thrash Metal legends 1983-2007 period collected for the first time! This killer CD set includes the  studio  albums – Power From Hell, The Force,  In Search Of Sanity and Killing Peace. Live album “Live Damnation” and the early demo demos album “Shadow Of Death” which features the “Black Horse Of Famine” demo when the band were sounding early Discharge.

“Power From Hell” and “The Force” are bona fide Thrash Metal classics. The band rose to international stardom during this period. Signing a major record deal to London Records “In Search Of Sanity” saw the addition of legendary rock vocalist Steve Grimmett on vocals. The studio collection finishes with the killer comeback album in 2007 and included the return  of “the Force” vocalist Sly Keeler.

This is a MUST have for any Thrash Metal fan!

CD 1.
1. Damnation/Onslaught (Power From Hell) 
2. Thermonuclear Devastation 
3. Skullcrusher I
4. Lord Of Evil 
5. Death Metal 
6. Angels Of Death 
7. The Devil’s Legion
8. Steel Meets Steel
9. Skullcrusher II
10. Witch Hunt
11. Mighty Empress
12. Thermonuclear Devastation Of The Planet Earth
13. Power From Hell (re-recorded 2011)

CD 2.
1. Let There Be Death
2. Metal Forces
3. Fight With The Beast
4. Demoniac
5. Flame Of The Antichrist
6. Contract In Blood
7. Thrash Till The Death

CD 3.
1. Asylum
2. In Search Of Sanity
3. Shellshock
4. Lightning War
5. Let There Be Rock
6. Blood Upon The Ice
7. Welcome To Dying
8. Power Play
9. Confused

CD 4.
1. In Search Of Sanity
2. Shellshock
3. Fight With The Beast
4. Blood Upon The Ice
5. Metal Force
6. Lightning War
7. Welcome To Dying
8. Let There Be Rock

CD 5.
1. Burn
2. Killing Peace
3. Destroyer Of Worlds
4. Pain
5. Prayer For The Dead
6. Tested To Destruction
7. Twisted Jesus
8. Planting Seeds Of Hate
9. Shock ‘n’ Awe

CD 6.
1. Killing Peace
2. Let There Be Death
3. Destroyer Of Worlds
4. Metal Forces
5. Planting Seeds Of Hate
6. Demoniac
7. Burn
8. Power From Hell
9. Thermo Nuclear Devastation Of The Planet Earth
10. The Black Horse Of Famine 
11. Overthrow Of The System
12. Rape
13. Protest, But Who Said You Will Survive 
14. Visions Of Our Future
15. Treading The Path Toward Death 
16. An Innocent Man 
17. The Shadow Of Death
18. The Black Horse Of Famine


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