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Item no. : KAR094CD
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Release Date : 17 July 2015



Ossicles is a Norwegian jazz/progressive rock duo founded in 2011 by the two cousins Sondre Veland and Bastian Veland. Influenced by different genres such as jazz, various rock music, avant-garde, ambient, noise and minimalism, Ossicles is a constantly evolving project.

In 2012, the duo released their debut album, "Mantelpiece", on their own label. The album consists mostly of material the duo wrote when they were 16 - 17 years old, and it was recorded at the school they attended at that time, except for vocals done at Lydetaten Studio. The response for "Mantelpiece" was overwhelming, and resulted in Steven Wilson saying "I can't believe that such young guys can make music like they do" and an invitation from Mike Portnoy to play at Progressive Nation at Sea. It also caught the attention from Karisma Records, who decided to sign the duo. Now, "Mantelpiece" is re-released  by Karisma Records, and finally available again.

Ossicles have recorded their new album, "Music for Wastelands", which will be released in October. They are also, for the first time, rehearsing with a full band, so we expect to see them on a stage soon.


01. Dewers Hollow
02. Luna's Light
03. 1400
04. Moral Grey
05. Watersoul II
06. Barren Earth
07. Slur
08. Torn Pages
09. Silky Elm
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