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Item no. : VSP115
Artist : PAARA
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 09 February 2018



Paara was started as a two man project back in 2011 with the idea to compose music just for themselves. Zvartus and Helmouth decided to release a digital single in 2012 which had so good feedback that it started something inevitable – Paara would have a full lineup in 2014. The debut album 'Yön olevainen puoli' saw daylight in May 2015. The band had already raised interest in music scene and had several special guests on their album from bands like Swallow The Sun, Moonsorrow, Katatonia, etc. Natalie Koskinen (Hahtezan) from Shape Of Despair also appeared on the album – and in 2016 was asked to join the band. Since the debut album came out Paara has played shows around Europe and Scandinavia – including some festivals. Paara's second album 'Riitti' will be out in early 2018. Paara was early on heavily influenced by 1990's Norwegian black metal, but as things have evolved during the years they've picked a lot of aspects/influences from different genres.
1. Viimeinen virta
2. Hurmeen hauta
3. Suon sydän
4. Kuiskaus pimeästä
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