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Item no. : KAR035CD
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Release Date : 25 February 2008



Belgian Panchrysia has been marching on these hellish playgrounds since the winter of 1998. 2 high quality demo-tapes, “Nimisque Inhumane” & “Exaltation” led to their first album “In Obscure Depths” in 2002. Since then a second album and a split-album with Iconoclasm has been unleashed. Their 3rd album, “Deathcult Salvation”, is their darkest and most personal till now. This time they’ve managed to create a unique blackened sound filled with eerie atmospheres and aggression. The album was recorded in Belgian Dungeon Studios and Swedish Endarker Studio. Mixing and mastering were in the hands of producer Magnus “Devo”  Andersson. His qualities ensured the deliverance of a well-balanced and powerful album. Additional vocals on this album were done by Mortuus (Marduk/Funeral Mist) and Leen De Haes (Bint). Panchrysia has already made their mark as a touring band and have toured Europe with Malevolent Creation and Marduk. They’ve also played with bands like Impaled Nazarene, Ancient Rites, Aborted, Aeturnus, Red Harvest, Cannibal Corpse, Hypocrisy, Carpathian Forest, Ragnarok, Exodus, Vader, Belphegor, Anorexia Nervosa, Kampfar, Enthroned etc. More live carnage will follow in the wake of the release of “Deathcult Salvation”!!
1. Stars Of Delight (to loftiest heights)
2. Cult Driven (and the herd ran violently)
3. Chaos Injector (disharmonia praestabilitae)
4. With Dragon Wings (thus live the draconian winds)
5. Fogbound (singing words i cannot bear)
6. Morituri Te Salutant (baptizing the rats)
7. The Vile Ascendancy (the colossal scale of your vile desires)
8. Phantom Asylum (no desire to enlighten them)
9. Bestial Sinful Dances (de libero arbitrio)
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