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Professor Tip Top from Bergen, Norway, is a group playing fine progressive music with a retro sound greased with a lysergic touch which gives the songs a psychedelic aura. The songs are partly melodic with vocals, adding longer instrumental parts of guitar, analog sequencers, vintage synths and keyboards in between. Inspiration and influences are the 60/70's versions of Gong, Yes, Pink Floyd, and the Canterbury scene. The band started in 2011, but the members are veterans with musical backgrounds starting in the early 70`s. The lyrics are written by the singer Svein Magnar Hansen. As an atheist, he finds the spiritual music in the band a good place to describe a world without divine entities, not without fun and silliness. The music is written by Sam Fossbakk, guitarist and passionate synth head. Bassist Stein Høgseth and drummer David Sundby makes an excellent rhythmic foundation. "Exobiology" is the groups third  album. Although the former albums were well reviewed, this third album has developed the bands own identity in a slightly more psychedelic way. This and the previous album were mastered at Abbey Road Studios by Alex Wharton.
1. Exobiology Part 1
2.. Procrastination Song
3. River Of Genes
4. Shores Of Yorkshire
5. The Wolf
6. Great Future
7. Waves
8. When The Stars Where New
9. Exobiology Part 2
10. Final
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