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Item no. : LB19L0019
Artist : RAGE
Product type : Vinyl Double Album
Release Date : 02 August 2019



It was in the year 1985, when the foundation was laid for the career of a band which is, almost 35 years later, as active as on the very first day. Certainly, the talk is of RAGE that have started out as AVENGER, before the band name was changed. Now the albums of the Metal Legend from Herne, Germany, are being re-released on double CDs, digitally remastered, including bonus CDs containing numerous demo versions that also include previously unreleased songs.

“XIII” (1998), is considered to be the one legendary German Classic-Metal-Crossover album, that has set high standards, even until today. The album is now finally being released as a double-CD. A very special highlight are the bonus tracks (some previously unreleased). A real MUST HAVE for all RAGE-Heads!

1. Overture
2. From The Cradle To The Grave
3. Days Of December
4. Sign Of Heaven
5. Incomplete
6. Turn The Page
7. Heartblood
8. Over And Over
9. In Vain (I Won't Go Down)
10. Immortal Sin
11. Paint It Black
12. Just Alone
13. Another Wasted Day
1. In Vain (Radio Mix)
2. Just Alone (Radio Mix)
3. From The Cradle To The Grave (Live)
4. Alive But Dead (Live)
5. Paint It Black (Live)
6. Turn The Page (Acoustic Version)
7. Incomplete (Acoustic Version)
8. Immortal Sin (Acoustic Version)
9. Yesterday (Acoustic Version)
10. Days Of December (Demo)
11. Sign Of Heaven (Demo)


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