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Item no. : KAR163LP
Artist : RUPHUS
Product type : Vinyl LP
Release Date : 14 June 2019



Ruphus’ second album “Ranshart” is widely regarded as one of the best Norwegian prog albums from the 70s. Ruphus had just released their first album and established themselves in the elite of Norwegian rock, when the line-up was re-organized in the spring of 1974. The debut album «New Born Day» had an artistic triumph, and the fans were anxiously waiting for a follow-up. When “Ranshart” arrived, it was without the two singers Gudny Aspaas and Rune Sundby in front. Hans Petter Danielsen was also out. Ruphus had now been reduced from seven to five members, with Rune Østdahl as the new singer. Essentially, an entirely different band. Even the music underlined that this was something new.
Ruphus was a versatile and groundbreaking band. A band that through its first lifetime from 1970 to 1981 had more members than a football team, and developed from playing hard, progressive rock to becoming a leader in jazz rock. In 1974, Ruphus was no less than a Norwegian counterpart to Yes. Long, melodic compositions with multiple intertwined themes. Colorful arrangements performed by musicians just as capable as our international heroes. Polyphonic vocals, tempo changes, short but tasteful solos. All in all, prog rock at its best!
1. Love is my Light
2. Easy Lovers
3. Fallen Wonders
4. Pictures of a Day
5. Back Side
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