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Item no. : KAR175LP
Artist : SEIGMEN
Product type : Vinyl Double Album
Release Date : 27 March 2020



Radiowaves was the last album from legendary Norwegian rock band Seigmen in their first lifetime - before disbanding in 1999 and reuniting 6 years later. It was a very controversial album at the time, due a distinct change in both the band’s image and sound – and English lyrics! The Norwegian mass audience couldn’t quite wrap their heads around it - but it has long been a fan favourite, and the epic album opener “Performance Alpha” is still a staple in their live sets.
1. Performance Alpha:
2. The World Revolves Around You
3. Universal
4. The Modern End
5. Bloodprint
6. Neon Sun
7. Guilt
8. Trampoline
9. Mercurial
10. Performance Bravo
Vinyl bonus tracks:
11. Like Porcelain
12. Malmklang
13. Toys
14. P-Machinery
15. Washed
16. Frost-bite
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