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Item no. : AFMCD258
Artist : U.D.O.
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 24 August 2009



What comes to mind when you think of the word “dominator” today? Some will no doubt think of somebody who imposes his (or possibly ‘her’?) will and stands tall, no matter what....? And, in a way, this could also be an appropriate signature for Udo Dirkschneider, the former singer of German Metal pioneers Accept, but now one of the fore-most vocalists and songwriters of his generation with his own band U.D.O.. And more than 20 years later, it’s little surprise to many that U.D.O. now should turn out to be the more relevant and the more consistent of the two bands….
Soon after signing to AFM in 2004, U.D.O. then released “Nailed To Metal“ (available as a live CD and DVD), the critically acclaimed "Thunderball" and the "Mission No. X". album, but 2007 would see him release what is widely accepted as the most successful U.D.O. album to date. “Mastercutor“, according to press and fans alike, somehow marked a “reinvention“ of the band. Although still classic Heavy Metal the album showed a new side to U.D.O. and all was justified when the said album entered the German charts at #39.
On “Dominator”, U.D.O. once again displays the charismatic Heavy Metal sound that has made him famous. Overall it sums up perfectly what he stands for (and what Accept itself stood for). With its up-to-date sound (another trademark also of “Mastercutor”), there’s a huge selection from all episodes of Udo´s illustrious career: the classic riffing and charismatic choruses that might hark back to Accept (“Black And White”), the more epic/orchestral sounds of the “Faceless World” album (1990) (“Stillness Of Time”), a “Man And Machine”-like grooving thunderbolt entitled “Heavy Metal Heaven”, and the straight up, in your face headbangers, “Dominator” and “The Bogeyman” mixing smoothly with the ballad “Whispers In The Dark”. 
“Dominator” was again produced, mixed and mastered by the singers former Accept buddy Stefan Kaufmann, now the guitarist in his band almost as long as the man himself has sung in it, so, prepare for your time! Prepare For Domination!! Accept the boss!
01. The Bogeyman
02. Dominator
03. Black And White
04. Infected
05. Heavy Metal Heaven
06. Doom Ride
07. Stillness Of Time
08. Devil´s Rendezvous
09. Speed Demon
10. Whispers In The Dark


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