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Compact Disc - 3 CD Box Set


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Item no. : BOBV827CD
Artist : VIRUS
Release Date : 15 October 2021



3CD set featuring the whole 80's back catalogue from Brighton's thrash metal legends 'Virus'!
Albums “Pray For War", "Lunacy" and "Force Recon" are collected here for the first time in this re-mastered three CD set.
Comes with lyrics and interview / sleeve notes  with singer/guitarist Henry Heston.

CD1 Track List (Pray For War)
1. Pray For War
2. To The Death
3. Malignant Massacre
4. T.N.T. (Thermo Nuclear Thrash)
5. Scarred For Life
6. Night Siege (Intro)
7. Risen From Death To Die
8. Neo Warlords, Nuclear Gods
9. Cannibal Holocaust

CD2 Track List (Force Recon)
1. Testify To Me
2. Viral Warfare
3. Force Recon
4. Release The Dead
5. No Return
6. B.S.S.D.
7. Hungry For Blood

CD3 Track List (Lunacy)
1. Seeing Is Believing
2. Lunacy
3. Bad Blood
4. The Pain Will Pass
5. State Of The Art
6. My Life
7. A Sense Of Freedom
8. Don’t Get Even…!

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