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Release Date : 31 May 2019



CD reissue of German symphonic metal band VISIONATICA's 2016 debut album "Force Of Luna"

Led by their singing she-wolf Tamara Amedov VISIONATICA headed off to the first league of Symphonic Metal in 2016. With her fantastic and crystal clear soprano vocals, combined with the powerful grooves, melodic guitars as well as impressive orchestral elements of her allies, this musical pack blows up a tonne of dust in the scene with its debut “Force Of Luna“. With their first music video to the song “She Wolf“ from October 2015, which can score with a thrilling plot, the four musicians from the south of Germany set a huge cinematical exclamation mark, which is anything but common for a band this young. It is not without reason that it was seen more than 760.000 times so far on YouTube! The album‘s nine diverse songs, which were released through Dr. Music Records, were recorded and produced by Timon Seidl in the Red Audio Studios. For mixing and mastering they could enchant no less a figure than Gate Studio’s Olaf Reitmeier, who already worked with metal giants like Avantasia, Rhapsody or Epica. VISIONATICA are implementing their musical vision purposefully and leave nothing to chance.

VISIONATICA has already signed a worldwide longterm record deal with Frontiers Music (Whitesnake, L.A. Guns, TNT) to release their 2nd album “Enigma Fire” this summer alongside one new music video by Christian Lim (Equilibrium, Nothgard, Hämatom) as well as two lyric videos by Very Metal Art (Dee Snider, Orden Ogan, Tomorrow’s Eve).

1. Visions (Intro) 
2. Swamp of the World 
3. Lilith 
4. She Wolf 
5. Imprinting Lies 
6. Certainty of Benevolence
7. The Thorns 
8. Totem 
9. Never Will Die
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