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Release Date : 17 September 2021



OVERSENSE hold up its distorted mirror image to the world with their new Metal album “Egomania”!

OVERSENSE is currently one of the hottest emerging bands the European Metal scene has to offer. The band around the charismatic frontman Danny Meyer, YouTube star guitarist Jasmin ‘Jassy J.’ Pabst, bass player Marco Volpert and drummer Patrick Lippert belongs to the hottest Modern Melodic Metal acts of the last years, not only since the several weeks’ tour with Metal Queen Doro Pesch! With “Egomania” they deliver a more than impressive album, which will be released in 2021, via Dr. Music Records. Thematically perfectly fitting to the ongoing global political chaos, Fridays for Future and the current social media madness, it zeroes in on e.g. faceless fashion and beauty influencers without rhyme or reason with its eleven songs, skillfully packed in brilliant, majestic and catchy modern Melodic Metal anthems. The album has been produced and mixed by bandleader Danny Meyer in his Sunway Studios and refined in the mastering by Miro Rodenberg and Olaf Reitmeier of the Gate Studio (Avantasia, Kamelot, Epica), who were also twisting the knobs on the debut album “The Storyteller”. OVERSENSE have everything a young band needs. Besides great songs with catchy tunes, especially exceptional talent Jassy J. on guitar and singer as well as songwriter Danny Meyer with his unique voice stand out. With that certain something up his sleeve, he knows how to captivate both the Metal girls and party-hungry headbangers.

OVERSENSE create a unique sound in the form of fat headbanger riffs, filigree solos and melodic anthems with the potential to make a huge impact on the international Metal scene. Live they have already proven it several times in front of large audiences. “Egomania” tops this feeling and takes the listener on a fascinating journey through all facets of powerful Modern Melodic Metal with unique musical highlights.

1. Toast To The Devil
2. The Longing
3. Be (feat. Herma Sick)
4. My Eden
5. Tear Me Down
6. Love
7. Faith (feat. Ulli Perhonen)
8. Rave In Hell
9. Antisocial
10. Memories
11. Extinction
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